Many stories × under one roof

We are a family consisting of Sean, Shea, and Sandi Gilligan, who are renovating, restoring and repurposing an old 50s service station. Although we didn't realize it at the onset, this remodel required that practically every aspect of the existing building be updated. We have replaced the roof, all of the windows, overhead doors and man doors, the flooring, plumbing and electrical. Jack's station is located on a corner lot, so we will be transforming the large surrounding area around the building with plantings and landscaping. 


There are a number of different types of spaces throughout the building, which reinforced our vision that the building be a hub of creatives and like-minded businesses. There is a storefront retail space with angled windows, which has always been a store, and will continue to be one. The three garage bays which were formerly the service bays, boast a large canopy in front of them, which seemed the perfect place for outdoor seating for a restaurant or other closely related food service business.  The middle and back of the building are zoned for light manufacturing and so the intended use is for them to stay that way. 


We called this building Jack's Station, as a tribute to Jack and his wife Ruth, who had a service station in Harper, Kansas in the 1950s.  Jack was Sean's grandfather and Sandi's father, a man who invested in his community and lived by values that centered around family. 

Follow the journey oF our remodel on instagram @jacksstation.